Tracy Ringolsby.
Tracy Ringolsby.

A happy ending to the Tracy Ringolsby-gets-stiffed-by-Scripps story

"Ex-Rocky Mountain Newser Tracy Ringolsby Carrying On -- After Being Stranded by Scripps," published on March 5, shared an anecdote about the aforementioned Ringolsby, a Hall of Fame baseball writer who launched after the News went under. He was in Tucson covering the Colorado ballers when the closure was announced -- and when he tried to pay for his rental car and fly home, he discovered that E.W. Scripps, the tabloid's longtime owner, had canceled his company credit cards. He wound up having to use his own plastic to escape Arizona.

Since then, Ringolsby has been attempting to get Scripps to compensate him for this outlay -- and he's finally succeeded. "The third time was the charm," he writes via e-mail. "After the first two checks for expenses wouldn't cash, the third one went through."

Sounds like Scripps is still in business -- despite earlier evidence to the contrary...


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