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A superfan's letter to Michael Floorwax

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Earlier this year, Michael Floorwax vanished from his longtime gig co-hosting the morning show on 103.5 The Fox with partner Rick Lewis. The only explanation offered to date comes from Greg Foster, vice president/programming for the Denver branch of Clear Channel, the Fox's owner: "Floorwax is currently taking a personal leave of absence. For privacy reasons, we will not comment further."

More than six months later, we continue to regularly receive inquiries and notes about Floorwax -- but the one below stands out for the author's sincere affection and concern for the funnyman and his call for other fans to pull for him. Read it below.

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Raydesign43 writes:

Hello friends and family. I wanted to share something very special to me. In life, we have things that come and go. Well, for the past 24 years I have enjoyed listening to a radio show: Lewis and Floorwax. However, since mid-January, Floorwax has been absent due to a personal issue they are not permitted to elaborate on. This show has been on the air for so many years that it became like family to me, as I'm sure for many others. It saddens me that he's currently not there. I'm not really sure they realize that through the years the show becomes part of everything you do. They've actually been through the births of my kids, my marriage, jobs, deaths of family members, even 6 presidential terms, etc. We've laughed together, cried together. All kinds of weather conditions skits, they even called a baseball game.

Radio has changed some over the years and these guys have managed to change with the times. Please join me in congratulating the entire morning show as well as praying for the health and the return of one half of the best radio guys in the entire country. 24 years in any type of media is an accomplishment that most likely will never be matched. Even if you don't like the program, he deserves to know how much people admire that the show has survived for this long. Michael Floorwax needs our prayers and well wishes. He's been there for us. Now it's time we be there for him. He always referred to God as the big cheese. So please, we all know prayer is stronger when more pray for whatever it is that we need or want help with. Thank you Lewis and Floorwax for adding to my life and here's to another 24. 103.5 the fox is the best there ever was. Again, thanks to Kathy Lee, their producer, as she is the best at what she does. Thanks and have an awesome day. God bless and peace to all.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.