Affleck movie sounds a lot like Skills Like This

The entertainment broadsheets have been a-twitter this week with news about The Town, the new crime thriller to be directed by and starring Ben Affleck. The film, based on Chuck Hogan's 2004 novel Prince of Thieves and also starring Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Frost/Nixon's Rebecca Hall, is all about a Boston bank robber, played by Affleck, who falls in love with the teller of a bank he held up.

Hey, wait a minute -- haven't we already seen this film?

Yes, the storyline does sound pretty similar to that of Skills Like This, the indie caper comedy directed by Denver-boy-done-good Monty Miranda that came out this spring and focused on a bank robber who falls in love with the teller of a bank he held up.

Then again, there are some big differences. Boston, for example, is nothing like Denver, since the former is overrun with Dunkin' Donuts and assholes and people there have a strange tendency to use straws when they drink soda out of cans. Also, while Affleck may be a man of many talents (or so we've been told), we're pretty darn sure he won't be able to pull off the mythic Jewfro sported by Skills star Spencer Berger in Miranda's flick.

That's right, Affleck, I said it. How ya like them apples?!

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