Jay Marvin.
Jay Marvin.

An update on Jay Marvin's health crisis

The serious health issues AM 760 morning-show host Jay Marvin has been battling since late February aren't getting any simpler for doctors to tackle according to Mary Marvin, Jay's wife, who updated David Sirota, his most-frequent fill-in, during an appearance on the station yesterday.

As first reported on the DenverRadio.net site, Mary noted that Jay has a three-inch balled mass located between vertebrae in his back. Even worse, the mass is connected to what she referred to as a "rope" that's wrapped around his spine and extends to a point near his aorta. Late Tuesday, a biopsy was performed and a great deal of fluid was drained from his right lung. As of yesterday, the med staff still wasn't sure if the mass represented an infection or what Mary referred to as "another thing that I don't even want to talk about."

Listen to the podcast of Mary's appearance by clicking here.


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