Autumn Guillot, schmuck, embezzled from bank where she was one of just two fulltime staffers

We here at Schmuck of the Week HQ aren't criminals -- really! -- so it's hard to put ourselves in the mind of lawbreakers and miscreants. Yet it still makes sense to us for people stealing stuff from their workplace to make sure there are a lot of other suspects in case the thefts come to light.

Apparently, Autumn Guillot disagreed, since she swiped a six-figure sum from a credit union where she was one of only two fulltime employees. How'd the cops figure out it was her? Here's Guillot's schmucky story.

In 2011, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, Guillot was working as an assistant branch manager at the Credit Union of the Rockies in Black Hawk when a spot audit revealed some ledger discrepancies.

Turns out some of the deposits listed in said ledger were never received by the credit union's clearinghouse.

And who maintained the ledger? You guessed correctly. The DA's office says she lifted small amounts of money from the vault over the course of 2011, altering the ledger each time. But this tactic failed. Why? Maybe because those small amounts added up to a big one: $275,795.

As for what she did with this much coin, the prosecutors aren't sure. But they note that Guillot regularly gambled at area casinos throughout the year, racking up $73,000 in carded gambling.

Last week, Guillot was convicted in Gilpin Count Court and sentenced to five years in community corrections -- not that there's room for her there right now. She was placed in custody in lieu of a spot opening up

By the way, Guillot had asked for a suspended sentence, citing her need to take care of her young child. But the folks at the DA's office weren't persuaded, since they say they've got evidence she often left her tot at home in order to hit the casinos.

The schmuck gets schmuckier. Here's a larger look at Guillot's mug shot:

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