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Better hope Santa still reads daily newspapers, kids...

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In the era before folks at daily newspapers were desperate to get anyone to pay for their product, they regularly reached out to kids -- the idea being that they'd grow up to be good customers (instead of reading everything on the Internet for free).

Today, such tactics have fallen out of style -- but the Longmont Times Call is keeping the tradition alive via an old-fashioned Letters to Santa page on its website.

Some of the submissions were clearly written by adults (unless ten-month old Larissa is a freakin' prodigy, that is). A few are heartrending, like the note from young DJ Fox, who wants money to help his mom pay the heating bill. As for Kai, his list is topped by "Nerf dart guns and Nerf bullets." Hope he's not planning to go to CU, cuz he could get in trouble. Read more wishes below:

I would like to get some money Santa so I cam help mom pay for her heating bill it sure has been cold Santa thanks DJ

From DJ Fox Longmont , Co

1. trucks and things on wheels that you can pull back and they go 2. musical toys: xylophone, drums, shakey things 3. tub toys

From Marshall Morin Longmont , CO

Saturday Dec. 5, 2009 Dear Santa, I would like some Ugg boots if you can afford them. I would like a teddy bear with a pink bow on its head. I would like a pretty braclet. I would like a ring with a jewl on it. You get to come to our house this year! Love, Abby Kaus

From Abby Kaus Longmont , CO

Saturday Dec. 5, 2009 Dear Santa, I would like a Miley CD. I would like a purple brush. I would like a necklace. I would like a Teddy bear with a polk-a-dot bow on its head. You get to come to our house this year! Love, Lizzy Kaus

From Lizzy Kaus Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, I love you, I want a baby doll & a doll house and a piece of corn - just one. Love, Seneca 3 yeer old

From Seneca Kittle

Deer Santa, My name is Loreun Narhersen I just Turned 1 yr I'am explored everything I have been very good I'am even doing sign language I would like alot of cool cars I love you Santa Loreun Narhersen

From Loreun Narhersen n/a/ , n/a

My name is Matthew Phipps. I have been so good. I would like Buzz light year I can driug in the snow woody guy and Transformers I have a sister name Mallory she has been so good she would like phone, barbie, peanut and ball We love you Santa Matthew Phillips

From Matthew Phillips n/a , n/a

Hears somthing esear for you 1. Nerf dart guns and nerf gun bullets 2. Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 games and Halo 3 3. A DS and a DSI games to 4. A video camra 5. A five dollar bill 6. 3 five dollar bills 7. An playstation 3 and playstation 3 games Kai

From Kai

Dear Santa, I wuld like for cristmas Wii sports p.s. pleas get me a white wii remote. fashen boots new shurt and new pants p.s. pleas get me a short sleav shurt. New p.j. p.s. not a night goun please. New game p.s. can it be a boardgame pleas? toy horse Jesie doll from toy story Surprise Audrey, age 7

From Audrey Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, I have ben a good boy. for chrimas I whould like Ninten Do Ds games, Star wars legos, spongebob legos, glow dome, x box games, clothes, bakagan, snow board, markers, crayons, colred pencils, pencils, pens, fun slides. Love, Gage 8 years oled.

From Gage Longmont , C

Dear Santa, I would like the Unity power system for nerf. And the first three Diary of a wimpy kid books. For wii I would like a basketball game and a soccer video game. Some iTunes gift cards. And for movies I would like UP, and the simpsins movie. Some type of air hog, and some type of action figures. And suprise me with any type of thing. PLEASE!! Sincerely, Charlie Belcher

From Charlie Belcher Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, I would like an Xbox 360 with 2 controllers pelase. And Halo 3 with that. I would also like a rip-stick plz. And the Unity-Power-System a cool nerf gun. I would also like Star Wars Battlefront II for my PC. And the following Wii games: Start Wars The Clone Wars Republic heroes, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and Guitar hero 5. Thank you, can please get me these! THX!! Sincerely, Jake Belcher

From Jake Belcher Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, I was very good . . . . my list Glow Dom Jack in a box A fur real frieojlulocat A Star Wars DS game A Mario Pack for Wii/DS A pack of rings I wish I can see you St. Nick/Santa and can you give all of Grannaem a prize

From Bryanna Skelton Longmont , CO

To . . . Santa 1. I want a baby doll. 2. I want some slippers. 3. I want a bardi dolla and some coths. 4. I want a bike. 5. I want a brass head. 6. I want a rose garden. Whith real roses 7. I want a colering book 8. a dog that is real hows Ms. Clouse

From Roslynn Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, My name is Kaden I got to school now I have been very good I would like DSI player, games, frosty snowman. I love you Santa, Kadden Newell

From Kadden Newell Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, My name is Alex I am 3 yrs old I have been really good I am going to be a big brother I am excited I would like Woody, Buzzy light year, 7 cars. Love you, Alex Benedict

From Alex Benedict Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, My name is Jake Foster I would like alot of cars, and tractor. I have been really good.I have a sister her name is Izzy is going to be 2. She would like babys, food, bottles. We love you Santa, Jake & Izzy Foster

From Jake & Izzy Foster Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, I would like a new MP3 player, more books to read, science kits, and Barbie toys. Thank you for all the presents! Love, Kyrah

From Kyrah Carlson Longmont , CO

Dear Santa, I would like Dora Links, Dora stuff for my bed, some new books, craft projects, and some games to play with my sisters! I will be four years old six days before Christmas!

From Cheyenne Longmont , CO

Hi Santa, my name is Larissa and I am 10 months old. I would just like to have some dollies and the Holiday Barbie. I love you Santa. Love, Larissa Latoski 10 months P.S. I am going to help my mommy and brother bake you some really yummy cookies.

From Larissa Latoski Frederick , Colorado

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.