Schmuck of the Week

Carlos Garcia, California schmuck, busted for driving meth through Colorado's meth capital

Grand Junction co-starred in our recent post featuring nice/nasty Urban Dictionary definitions of Colorado cities, and amusingly enough, both descriptions mentioned meth. Rightly or wrong, the GJ area has a rep as Colorado's meth capital -- which means law enforcers are pretty damn good at finding the stuff. Just ask Carlos Garcia, who was busted not far from town allegedly trying to transport pounds of the stuff. And to turn up the schmuck notch a little higher, it's the second time he was arrested with drugs while passing through.

At about 10:40 a.m. on October 15, notes the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Garcia's rental car was pulled over near Interstate 70's mile marker 18 by interdiction deputies with the Western Colorado Drug Task Force. Why? He's said to have committed "multiple traffic infractions" -- most importantly weaving across the highway according to an arrest affidavit accessed by KJCT-TV.

From there, Garcia's mistakes added up quickly. First, the MCSO report quotes him as saying he was planning to visit his cousin in Colorado Springs for the next two weeks -- but when deputies checked his rental-car agreement, they discovered the ride was due back in Cali the next day.

On top of that, Garcia is said to have acted so nervous that he was actually trembling. Yet he reportedly gave law enforcers permission to search his vehicle anyhow.

When they did, they came across a cooler filled with soda and water bottles, but no ice -- at least of the watery variety. They also noticed pry marks on the liner that piqued their curiosity, and for good reason. Inside said liner was 5.5 pounds of the stuff that Walter White turned into a dark art form. Estimated street value: $100,000-$150,000.

Oh yeah: When deputies checked Garcia's records, they discovered he'd been nabbed in Mesa County once before. Back in 1999, he was caught riding a Greyhound bus in the company of some marijuana -- eight pounds worth.

Had he been importing pot into Colorado from California this time around, too, it would have made about as much sense as carrying meth into the vicinity of Grand Junction. Here's a larger look at Garcia's mug shot.

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