Charlie Blosten, suburban superhero: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Littleton Leaf Blower Real Name: Charlie Blosten Occupation: Public Services Director Suburb of Operations: Littleton, Colorado Hair: Steel Blue Eyes: Cupola Cams

Super powers: The Littleton Leaf Blower channels pure willpower in the form of hot air. This willpower can be used to do just about anything, from convincing City Council to approve funding for pothole repair to delivering a long-winded history of the city's sewer system to a local Rotary Club. His mission is to blow away all signs of decay. With the Leaf Blower in his possession, Charlie Blosten directs all trash, leaves and city employees into their proper place. He was a founding member of the Apparatchik League and is now the supreme Leaf Blower of the Littleton municipality.

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