Climbing Cocaine Mountain

On July 19, both Denver dailies published major stories about the Elite Eight, a gaggle of gangbangers identified as persons of interest in a slew of major felonies, including the murder of Denver Bronco Darrent Williams. But while the Denver Post's article, penned by Felisa Cardona, surpassed Sara Burnett's piece for the Rocky Mountain News in most respects, there was one significant exception. Burnett quotes investigator Robert Fuller, who testified in federal court on July 18, as saying that the Elite Eight "moved hundreds of kilograms of cocaine" through the Denver area. In contrast, the Post front pager has Fuller estimating the drug haul at "hundreds of thousands of kilos of cocaine."

Hundreds of thousands of kilos? That's Pablo Escobar territory, and the Eight aren't in it. According to Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorneys Office, the correct amount was hundreds, not hundreds of thousands.

What difference do a few extra zeroes make? The difference between a big pile of cocaine and a freakin' mountain range. -- Michael Roberts

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