Reader: Sports Betting Is Ruining Sports

It's raining sports-betting ads.
It's raining sports-betting ads. YouTube
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It's raining sports-betting ads.
Since the legal sports-betting market opened in Colorado seventeen months ago, this state has been deluged by commercials.

"I thought that there was going to be at least some type of slowdown," admits Alec Garnett, the Democratic Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives who championed sports-betting legalization in this state. "We haven’t really seen that, and I have seen a big uptick in the number of complaints from the public that we’ve been having about the amount of sportsbook advertising."

And in their comments on the Westword Facebook page, readers make it clear that all bets are off when it comes to those commercials. Says Scott: 
Everyone should have had to watch two hours of those godforsaken ads before being allowed to vote on legalizing sports betting.
Adds Linda:
 It's horrible. I feel like I was taken advantage of. I do not bet on sports, but voted for it as I thought over the proceeds that would benefit our state. But nowhere was it said that doing so would result in being inundated with all their ads. I am old enough to recall when ccigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs were prohibited. Gambling should be, too.
Offers Duane:
Please turn the tide on these obnoxious commercials. On radio, too! Does every DJ/radio personality have to endorse and make a commercial? Bet if you want, but IMO Colorado is NOT better off with sportsbooks.
Counters Phil:
Love sports betting. Have made some good coin this year!
Adds Chris:
This is really not something we need government involved in. Don't like the commercials? Don't watch them.
Wonders Brendan:
People still watch commercials?
Responds Kevin:
I mute commercials. And I think gambling is ridiculous. But that's just me.
Notes Renee: 
They don't need to advertise. A gambler is going to find a way to gamble regardless of ads. So. Freaking. Annoying.
Adds Nick:
Betting is ruining sports. I used to be of the opinion that betting didn't affect anyone who didn't bet, but when all you hear is sportsbook commercials and every sports show has to have betting information flashing across the screen constantly, it's getting to be too much.
But then there's this from Elironzo:
There's so much enthusiasm in these comments for allowing the government to control what you see. How sad.
What do you think of the sports-betting ads? Colorado legalizing sports betting in the first place? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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