Could the end of the election season make Dan Caplis listenable again?

During the lead-up to the 2008 election, KHOW radio host Dan Caplis focused all of his considerable intellect on the destruction of Barack Obama -- a mission that caused him to become a shrill caricature of himself. (Check out the June blog "Dan Caplis and His Jihad Against Barack Obama" for a sample.) But last night's program, co-hosted as usual with designated faux-liberal Craig Silverman, served as a reminder that Caplis can be an interesting and worthwhile voice when he doesn't allow his conservative ideology to run amok.

The topic under discussion was a Boulder company that claims genetic analysis can help match children with the sport they're best suited to play -- the subject of Joe Tone's Monday blog, headlined, "With a Test For Sports Gene, Overbearing Parents Can Get an Early Start." In response to a caller who felt such a service had merit, Caplis suggested that children be encouraged to sample sports of every kind, either in formal settings or simply casual play at a park. Moreover, he maintained that kids should choose the activity they like best rather than having one dictated for them. As a final zinger, he referenced the Denver Broncos' victory over the New York Jets this past Sunday, noting that if genetic testing had been done on Broncos QB Jay Cutler -- and if diabetes had been discovered in his youth instead of within the past year -- he might never have had the chance to defeat future Hall of Famer Brett Favre... because he could have been steered away from playing football, period.

When Caplis (profiled in the 2005 Message column "Dan's Plan") takes this kind of common-sense approach, as opposed to determining a position based upon his political views and then using his training as an attorney to marshal compromise-phobic arguments in favor of it, he's a personality that folks of every political persuasion might enjoy hearing. Yes, even lefties. -- Michael Roberts

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