Courtney Bowles: Fort Collins teacher busted naked with student, wants to see her own kids

Courtney Bowles, the Fort Collins teacher who's been getting unwanted national exposure after being busted naked in a car with a student, was told by a judge to stay away from children in order to qualify for a $50,000 bond.

Problem is, she's got two of her own she'd like to see.

As noted by the Loveland Reporter-Herald, Bowles has formally asked Judge Stephen Howard to modify her bond to allow her to see her own kids. The judge said he'd consider the request next Tuesday, after hearing arguments from both sides -- meaning Bowles will have to wait at least a week to learn if her children will remain off-limits.

By the way, the Reporter-Herald's coverage includes a photo of Bowles holding hands with her husband, Justin. In the shot, he's quite literally standing by his wife.

Meanwhile, a commenter to an earlier post who identifies himself as attending Mountain View High School, where Bowles worked until her recent resignation, claims that the student with whom she was found (along with a bottle of vodka) "was high fiving all his friends. It's disgusting."

If true, that's one word for it.

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