CU at Denver City Council -- but not next Monday

Next Monday's public hearing before Denver City Council to decide the fate of two historic Hornbein and White buildings on the old University of Colorado campus has been postponed.

"Shea has been working closely with Councilwoman Robb and Councilwoman Johnson on the historic designation applications," wrote Marcus Pachner, a consultant to developer Shea Properties, in a note to stakeholders on the CU project. "We have collectively decided to postpone the Final Hearing. Therefore, please know that the hearing will not be held on January 5th. Please understand that this delay does not signal any reversal in the current course of action but rather that all sides want to have adequate time to properly address the historic applications. We will work with City Council to determine a new date for the public hearing and will notify the CBHD when a decision is reached."

"We again want to thank all of you for your commitment to this vital redevelopment project and for your participation over the last four plus years," Pachner continued. "Your service has been remarkable. As you know, the CBHD passed a resolution against the two historic applications that would have been presented on January 5."

That, of course, was before the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission decided in favor of the two historic applications -- which means the Denver City Council will ultimately decide the fate of these two stunning structures.

And that fate is no doubt being discussed right now behind closed doors. -- Patricia Calhoun

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