Daniel Junge, Academy Award nominee, goes to pot

Daniel Junge is an accomplished filmmaker who just netted an Academy Award nomination for his short documentary The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner -- and he manages to make his movies from a home base of Denver.

Junge, who traveled to the Amazonian jungle to film They Killed Sister Dorothy, stayed a bit closer to home for The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner, which followed the ailing former governor of Washington as he promoted the state's Death With Dignity Act. But Colorado is ground zero for Junge's next project: a doc on medical marijuana.

Junge and his cameras and crew have become a common sight at medical marijuana hearings and meetings over the past few months,documenting the fast-moving action in the medical marijuana industry. As he points out, the subject has everything: interesting characters (and how), as well as an evolving drama.

And perhaps even a surprise ending.

And Junge isn't the only Academy Award nominee with Colorado connections: Precious, produced by Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness, is up for six awards, and Louie Psihoyos's first documentary, The Cove, is also nominated.

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