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Dave Logan to be introduced as Cherry Creek coach tonight: Even the Post agrees!

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Update: On Tuesday night, 9News announced that sacked Mullen High School coach Dave Logan, who's also a KOA radio personality and voice of the Denver Broncos, would be the next head coach for Cherry Creek High. The Denver Post countered by claiming the deal wasn't done yet, publicly disagreeing with its longtime media partner. Now, however, even the Post confirms that Logan is Creek-bound, with a formal announcement slated for tonight.

According to Post preps expert Neil Devlin, parents and players will meet at the school circa 7:15 p.m., presumably with Logan. Half an hour later, the media is invited.

As for the suggestion by 9News Drew Soicher that Logan's leap could precipitate plenty of player transfers from Mullen, where students and athletes held protests after the coach was disappeared amid allegations of recruiting violations by his staff, Devlin argues that a mass exodus is unlikely. According to him, "The Colorado High School Activities Association has newer, stricter guidelines in its transfer rules that indicate severe penalties if a move is deemed an athletic transfer. A player possibly could miss an entire year and be forced to compete at a lower level."

Expect such an edict to be strictly followed. After all, CHSAA won't have much credibility when it comes to enforcing its recruiting rules if it allows the guy at the center of a brouhaha on that very subject to flagrantly violate them in order to cherry-pick talent from the school that gave him the heave-ho.

Look below to see our earlier coverage.

Original item, 6:15 a.m. January 25: No surprise that the latest development in the Dave Logan saga would feature media contradictions.

The KOA radio personality and football coach, who was fired by Mullen High School amid allegations of recruiting violations by his staff, has agreed to take over the Cherry Creek High program, according to 9News. But the folks at the Denver Post say, "Not so fast."

The Post's item linked above quotes a source as saying that while Logan has interviewed for the position, which conveniently opened up last week when Mike Brookhart stepped aside, no deal is in place.

This disagreement is unusual because of the close relationship between the Post and 9News. The paper and the station are longtime partners that promote each other and have been known to share content, with occasional 9News logos and bylines popping up on Post stories -- take this piece credited to correspondent Jace Larson. Likewise, 9News frequently cites and features Post material.

Granted, this disconnect is unlikely to linger. Logan has managed to distance himself from Mullen's finger-pointing: He wasn't personally named in the school's report to the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), and he's made it clear that if he'd learned his assistants had engaged in verboten recruiting shenanigans, he'd have fired any of those found culpable. These assertions, coupled with his unmatched record for producing championships, should provide Cherry Creek with enough cover to justify his hiring.

If and when Logan inks with Creek, the story won't be over. As 9News' Drew Soicher notes in his station's report, it'll be interesting to see how many of his players from Mullen transfer to his new school. And no recruiting will be necessary to convince some to make the leap.

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