Denver Broncos videotaping head coaching candidates and sharing footage with fans

Update below: Carolina Panthers coach John Fox is expected to arrive in Denver today -- weather permitting -- to interview for the job of Denver Broncos head coach.

But before he faces Pat Bowlen, John Elway, Joe Ellis and other team executives, he will likely show his face to Broncos web videographer Chris Hall.

The team has taken the unusual tactic of videotaping its coaching candidates and posting those tapes to its website. So far, fans can watch interim Broncos coach Eric Studesville and New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell answer questions about the process.

"Championships start at the top and it starts with Mr. Bowlen. He knows how to compete, and that makes it more fun for you as a coach. He understands competition and knows what it takes," Fewell says in the clip, which shows him arriving at Denver International Airport and being driven to Dove Valley. "It just trickles down the food chain. I see that in the Denver Broncos organization. I see that in how they play and how they've prepared and I want to be a part of something like that ."

The Broncos plan to videotape Houston Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter on Tuesday. In fact, says Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano, "We would look askance at someone who was nervous during that part of the process."

Combined with the frequent and candid tweets from John Elway, the team's new vice president of operations, the videos have provided an interesting and entertaining experiment in openness -- especially in an arena that is almost always secretive.

"Yes, typically... it's almost CIA-like," Saccomano says about the hiring process. "But we want to be as open and transparent as possible. We think that's important, and it's something that has been very well received."

So rather than reading stories with unnamed sources, fans can find out first from the team who is being interviewed and what they area saying. According to Saccomano, "It's where we are today. It's a reflection of living with the technology that exists today."

Update, 1:02 p.m.: The aforementioned John Fox interview has been rescheduled for Wednesday, and the team just received permission to interview New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams -- as per a John Elway tweet.

By the way, the Saints defense gave up 41 points this weekend to the Seattle Seahawks...

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