Denver Post's Greg Moore on end of separate Travel section, future of Monday delivery

This Sunday, the Denver Post Travel section was folded into Arts & Entertainment, rather than standing alone. Does this move, following reports of feature-section shrinkage at the paper, suggest that Travel might be hitting the road permanently? And could Monday delivery be doing the same? Post editor Greg Moore offers details about the former, reassurances (for now) on the latter.

"Travel has been shrinking over the past year as advertising has migrated to the digital platform," Moore writes via e-mail. "We could no longer support a stand-alone section. We have had as few as four pages some weeks.

"After talking about it, we thought it still important to provide Travel coverage in the paper, but it had to be done realistically," he continues. "We will plan to do a spread each week and then, as advertising and content dictate, expand beyond that, as we did this past Sunday."

In addition, Moore notes that "we will beef the Travel presentation on our website (as we said in the note to readers). We will also continue special Travel packages such as the Ski section October 23."

What's the reaction so far? "We know for some of our readers downsizing Travel is frustrating," Moore concedes. "But we are pleased that we seem to be getting some understanding and the complaints have not been overwhelming."

Negative responses could be if Monday delivery comes to an end, as will happen this month for the Oakland Tribune and two other papers publishing under the umbrella of the Bay Area News Group, owned by MediaNews Group, the Post's parent.

Could MediaNews institute such a cost-saving change in Denver, too? Moore's response is firm, but hardly categorical. "I have not heard anything about ending Monday home delivery," he notes.

Lucky thing -- because how else would we be able to relive the ups and downs of Tim Tebow?

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