Denver Riots: Twitter Reacts to White Vandalism After Peaceful Protests

Downtown Denver is a mess after four nights of rioting in the wake of George Floyd's death at police hands in Minneapolis, but social media may actually be in worse shape. The reactions to the destruction on Twitter have been as divisive as the actual issues that cry out for examination, especially when it comes to the racial makeup of those responsible for the worst of the vandalism.

Everyone agrees that most of the damage in Denver and many other U.S. cities torn by unrest has been done by white people, and specifically, young Caucasian males. But online, there's been a President Donald Trump-inspired rush among conservative tweeters to pin the blame on Antifa groups — a highly dubious tactic guaranteed to further inflame an already incendiary situation — countered by assertions that fascist outfits actively engaged in disinformation are actually responsible.

Between these two extremes are the comments of folks who are simply sickened by the turmoil and the manner in which peaceful protests have been repeatedly subverted by white men over the better part of a week — and they're the ones we've focused on below.

Continue to count down our choices for the most memorable tweets about the violence in Denver over the past four days.

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Number 14:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.