The Hilarious Sadness of Denver Snow on Twitter

The @denversnow Twitter profile pic is an example of wishful thinking.
The @denversnow Twitter profile pic is an example of wishful thinking. @denversnow
By our count, it's now been 225 days without measurable snow in Denver; the handful of flakes that landed last week didn't add up to the tenth of an inch that the National Weather Service uses as a standard. Meanwhile, the forecast for today predicts that the record high of 74 degrees on December 2, set way back in 1885, is likely to be matched or exceeded.

Who's saddest about that? Denver Snow. Or should we say, @denversnow.

The venerable Twitter account — it was launched in 2008 — claims that it represents the thoughts and observations of a "literal snowflake." In other words, Denver snow is personified as an entity that celebrates when the white stuff is piling up across the Mile High City and mourns when it's not.

There's been a lot of mourning lately. Take this tweet from November 19.... well as these sequels from November 23....
...and November 24, when the streak was almost, but not quite, broken.
Weather pros such as Fox31's Kyle Bearse seem bummed out, too. Here's her fact-filled November 30 TikTok about the ongoing scenario.

November 30th and still no snow in Denver… That’s not the only record we’re breaking #meteorologist #denver #colorado

♬ original sound - KylieBearse
Weather Underground sees the next possibility for snow in Denver proper coming along on Tuesday, December 7. If a measurable amount collects then, the current streak would fall just short of the all-time record between snowfalls — 235 days from March 5 to October 25, 1887. But @denversnow isn't optimistic, as indicated by its most recent tweet:
Let it snow.
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