is done is done, an ambitious attempt to create an online sports-talk-radio station that launched in April, has gone the way of all too many online projects -- into the trash bin of Internet history. A knowledgeable source says owner Dave Kaiser sent out an e-mail during the wee hours of Thursday morning requesting that his staff, including such well-known sorts as Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla and radio vet Chad Andrus, come in for a meeting. At that get-together, Kaiser announced he was discontinuing operations and would be unable to meet payroll.

This same source says audiences for the project were building, with a monthly listenership in September of around 20,000, as compared to 3,800 in June, with high-school football broadcasts proving particularly popular. Nonetheless, new content is no longer being produced. As of this writing, old broadcasts are being streamed, with one I heard talking about the Rockies as if they had yet to clinch a wild-card berth...


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