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One President In, One Former President Out...Way Out

Joe Biden is in Colorado today, and Donald Trump has a date with the Colorado Supreme Court next week.
Donald Trump is no fan of Colorado.
Donald Trump is no fan of Colorado. Brandon Marshall
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"Never in a million years did I think that I would live to see America fall to tyranny," started the last email of the night from Donald Trump. "But today, our country is rotting from the corruption that has infected every aspect of our government – starting with Crooked Joe in the White House. And in its place now stands a Third World nation more like Stalinist Russia or Maoist China than our once free Republic.

"On December 6, the Radical Democrats are making yet another serious attempt – this time in a State Supreme Court – to REMOVE my name from the ballot and disenfranchise the more than 74 million American patriots who proudly support our movement."

That was the fifth message from the Trump campaign that landed in my inbox on November 28. The day had started with this:

"As my campaign attorney just shared this past week, judges rightfully rejected the vicious Soros-funded attempts to REMOVE my name from the 2024 ballot. But the Democrats ruthlessly tried to attack us over the Thanksgiving holiday with an appeal to OVERTURN these rulings. .... Now, on December 6, the Left will make yet another serious attempt to disenfranchise the more than 74 MILLION American patriots who make up our beautiful movement by ERASING YOUR VOTE!"

Just a week after President Joe Biden's delayed trip to Colorado — after flying into Denver International Airport, he held a private fundraiser in Cherry Hills Village, spent the night at a hotel in downtown Denver, and will be in Pueblo today to visit CW Wind, after an October appearance there was canceled following the Hamas attack on Israel — talk in the state will be all about Trump a week from today.

That's because the Colorado Supreme Court will indeed consider a case to keep the former president off the state's presidential primary ballot. In September, six Colorado voters — four Republican, two unaffiliated, and none Democratic "henchmen," as Trump charged in another email barrage — filed suit, claiming that the 14th Amendment of the Constitution makes the former president ineligible to be on the ballot, since the language of the post-Civil War amendment states that no "officer of the United States...shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof." After five days of arguments, Denver District Judge Sarah Wallace rejected the plaintiffs' demand to keep Trump's name off the ballot, determining that the "officer" definition didn't apply to the former president. That's why the plaintiffs appealed the ruling.

But Donald Trump's lawyers appealed, too, concerned about the judge's determination that the then-president had indeed "incited" the insurrection on January 6, 2021.

And because time is tight — Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold must finalize the presidential primary ballot by January 5 — the Colorado Supreme Court agreed to take up the case quickly, and will hear arguments on December 6.

With or without Trump's name on the ballot, Colorado's presidential primary is set for March 5.

The day before, the former president is slated to go on trial in federal court in Washington, D.C., where he's been charged with four felony counts of engaging in a "conspiracy" to overturn Joe Biden's presidential win in November 2020.

But in the meantime, Trump's next round of daily messages about Colorado has started, beginning with this: "I am not the victim in this case. The victim of this despicable witch hunt is YOU. The Communist Democrats are attempting to steal YOUR right to vote. They want to take away my freedom, because I will never let them take away yours...."
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