Dow Jones subscribers know Al Lewis got the scoop on Tancredo, Rosen losses

This morning, both Denver dailies feature page-one stories about Agile Group, a Boulder wealth-management firm with a couple of notable local clients -- KOA talk-show host Mike Rosen and former congressman Tom Tancredo -- who say they've lost a bundle. Predictably, the Rocky Mountain News focused on Rosen, who writes a weekly column for the paper. In contrast, the Denver Post emphasized Tancredo -- but attentive readers will notice that the quotes attributed to the ex-rep, as well as Rosen, are credited to Dow Jones rather than the Post.

The reason? They come from a column by Al Lewis headlined "Presidential Hopeful Now Hedge Fund Fodder" that's been accessible since early evening yesterday for subscribers to Dow Jones, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal.

Among those with access to Lewis's column is the Post. As noted in the June 2008 blog "Denver Post's Al Lewis and Dow Jones to do Business Together," Lewis, pictured above, left the Post to take the Dow Jones gig, which gives him the sort of national audience any columnist craves. However, an agreement between the organizations has kept Lewis as a regular presence in the Post, and that's been a positive for the publication. He's among the more accessible and entertaining business scribes in the country, and his interest in Denver and Colorado has meant that local topics pop up on a fairly regular basis -- the Agile Group piece being a prominent example.

Why didn't the Post simply print Lewis's column, as opposed to using his quotes in a separate article? Presumably, editors felt that the story was so big that they wanted to expand it. Still, Lewis had all the basics the day before, whether most Denver readers realize it or not.

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