Face the State's Brad Jones.
Face the State's Brad Jones.

Face the State Radio expands

Face the State is best known for its right-leaning website, which churns out new and typically credible content on a daily basis. For instance, among FTS' latest posts is an item about state rep Cory Gardner, a possible rival to Congresswoman Betsy Markey, who's hosting healthcare town halls while she's out of the country. But the operation also supplements its new-media platform with an old-media feature: Face the State Radio, which regularly produces one-minute items and a weekend edition. The number of stations carrying this programming continues to expand. The latest to sign up: KEXO in Grand Junction and KVRH in Salida, bringing FTS' total stations to eight.

"Especially in the case of KVRH, community-focused radio is the only hope for AM talk making it through the recession in profitable fashion," notes FTS chieftain Brad Jones, the voice of the radio offerings, via e-mail. "Our programs help stations bring locally relevant content to listeners at no additional cost."

In addition, they help spread Face the State's message. Which is, of course, the point.


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