Fort Collins Coloradoan looks to hire days after layoffs

Last night, I attended back-to-school night at Chatfield High School (home of the evacuation-prompting mystery smell -- which turned out to be mace). Amid a presentation by the teachers of the journalism class my twin daughters are taking, a parent said his son loved newspapers so much that he hoped to make them a career -- but would there be any jobs? One of the instructors responded with cautious optimism, saying the situation isn't as grim as it may seem.

Against that backdrop, I point out that the Fort Collins Coloradoan is listing an ad for a photographer on the website. True, the item was posted just four days after the broadsheet announced nine layoffs -- a move that, combined with previous cuts, resulted in a staff approximately half the size of the one at the paper in early 2007. But let's focus on the glimmer of hope rather than the darkness all around it.


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