George Hickenlooper cause of death: Mixed drug use/sleep apnea combo took director's life

The death of director George Hickenlooper, governor-elect John Hickenlooper's cousin, on the eve of the Starz Denver Film Festival premiere of his new movie, Casino Jack, was an accident caused by mixed prescription drug use and alcohol complicated by sleep apnea, according to Denver's medical examiner.

Here's the coroner's office release:

The cause of death is mixed drug (ethanol and oxymorphone) intoxication. These substances had central nervous system and respiratory depressant effects. Autopsy revealed a moderately enlarged heart (460 grams). The decedent had a history of probable sleep apnea. Cardiomegaly and probable sleep apnea are significant contributing factors to death. The manner of death is accident.

This year's film festival was dedicated to George Hickenlooper's memory. Casino Jack, starring Kevin Spacey, is expected to open at theaters on December 17. Here's the trailer:

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