Mr. Mayor?
Mr. Mayor?

Gerald Styron, Denver mayoral candidate, once threatened to bring a gun to Westword

A fourteenth hopeful has entered the Denver mayor's race, and we're disappointed we had to read about Gerald Styron's candidacy somewhere else first. As Facethestate.comreports, when Styron was a write-in candidate for then-incumbent Rick Garcia's District 1 City Council slot in 2007, he asked a Westword editor if he had to bring a gun to the office to get press.

Clearly, no: Showing up at our office on a scooter, his straggly beard blowing in the breeze, Styron had no problem catching our eye, or our ear when he dropped off a CD of campaign songs to go with his crackpot flier. But he was also carrying a serious grudge that he hadn't been included in Kenny Be's campaign cartoon that week. "Don't take this the wrong way," he said, "but what do I have to do to get your attention? Bring a gun?"

This round, Gerald, all you have to do is contact Michael Roberts, who is interviewing all the mayoral candidates.

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