Hiking, eating brats, shooting potato guns: The fabulous life of Jared Polis

OK, so CNN.com's Freshman Year -- the internet reality show starring Colorado Congressman Jared Polis -- isn't likely an accurate representation of how Polis spends his time. And he does allegedly visit an Aurora detention center in the most recent episode (although we don't see it, and I'm convinced he actually went sky-diving or did something equally awesome). But still: We see him hiking in Summit County, we see him shooting a bad-ass potato gun, we see him salivating over brats at a street fair. He's even wearing funny hats. I've seen kids on the Real World: Cancun do more serious stuff than this guy.

Hopefully the next episode will delve into Polis's recent toe-to-toe with Democratic leadership. And hopefully he'll ditch the hat.

Watch the episode at CNN.com.

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