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Is a Neo-Nazi on Staff at 710 KNUS?

Kirk Widlund denies the allegation that he's a Nazi.EXPAND
Kirk Widlund denies the allegation that he's a Nazi.
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Fresh off controversy surrounding the firing of talk-show host Craig Silverman, the conservative talk radio station 710 KNUS is in hot water over another issue. On December 4, the Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists blog published a post alleging that Kirk Widlund, a producer at the radio station, supports Nazi ideologies.

The blog documented posts on VK, a Russian social-media site, from a profile of someone named Kirk Widlund. VK is a safe haven for white nationalists, some of whom have been kicked off Facebook and other social-media sites.

Some of the posts on the profile of a person named Kirk Widlund were re-shares of memes praising Adolf Hitler, Nazi soldiers and American Nazi Party founder George Rockwell. The profile also included a post about the U.S. fighting on the "wrong side" during World War II, particularly "the Jewish side."

Additionally, the profile listed a birthday that is the same as that of the real-life Kirk Widlund.

On December 5, a day after the blog post was published, Widlund called the Aurora Police Department to report fliers that had been placed throughout his neighborhood with the title "OUR NEIGHBOR IS A NAZI." Widlund denied to police that he was affiliated with neo-Nazis, a stance he has taken for news stories.

"I’ve never used VK," Widlund told the Colorado Times Recorder for an article published on December 10. "I am not a Nazi. Those quotes they are saying are mine are not mine."

But a review by Westword of one of the VK accounts linked to the Widlund profile corroborates that some of the posts included in the antifa blog were authentic.

The Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists blog post included screenshots of the LinkedIn profiles of both Widlund and a man named Lucas Martin. They were employed by King Soopers around the same time and also attended the Colorado Media School during the same period, according to the screenshots. (Martin did not return Westword's request for comment for this story.)

Widlund admitted to knowing Martin when asked by the Colorado Times Recorder about the connection.

“I have a tangential relationship with one person that they say I am associated with, but whatever activism he engages in is separate and apart from me. I do not engage in that kind of activism," Widlund said.

Westword looked through Martin's VK profile, which is still active, albeit private.

On April 15, the Kirk Widlund VK profile published the post about being on the wrong side during WWII. Martin's VK account shared the post just an hour later. It's still on Martin's wall, though the link on the Widlund VK account is now inactive.

Martin's account also provides evidence that the Kirk Widlund on VK lives in the Denver metro area.

"I encourage every single one of you to get out publicly and stand against degeneracy. Playing larper on the internet only does so much. Get out there and give jews a hard time. Let them know we're not just going to sit on our hands," Martin wrote on his VK profile on July 8.

The Kirk Widlund of VK commented, "Would be a shame if we crashed a drag queen story time event."

Mile High Comics in Denver periodically hosts a Drag for All Ages show, which has led to both protesters and counterprotesters gathering outside the space. Martin has frequently been spotted there as a protester.

Martin responded, "The next event is I believe on August 4th, we will carpool," to which Widlund wrote, "Sounds good."

Martin then added, "Met a lot of good folk yesterday, we all went to a bar afterwards, exchanged contacts, we're probably going to be doing a barbecue in like 2 weeks these are good events to network at...I went with a gentleman I met on here [thumbs up Emoji] down to blaze too [thumbs up Emoji]."

Martin's wall has other comments from the VK Widlund profile, such as when the account wrote on Martin's post about a Holocaust survivor, "Every wiki entry for a Jew mentions how 'their family escaped the Nazis'. I thought the SS were more efficient than that..."

Widlund produces a show for KNUS's Steffan Tubbs, who recently went to bat for his producer in a series of tweets on December 9.

"Watch your allegations, fool. There is an internal investigation going on and so far has found no truth to your fake, doctored documents. You're sick and well aware of what you're doing. A libel suit may be in your future. We know who you are. RT that," Tubbs wrote when retweeting a tweet from the Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists Twitter account. Tubbs also referred to the allegations about Widlund as "unfounded and fake."

Brian Taylor, the general manager for 710 KNUS, has declined to comment for this story.

The Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists blog has previously doxed alleged bigots. In April this year, it identified Master Sergeant Cory Allen Reeves, who was stationed at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, as a member of the Identity Evropa white nationalist group. Local and national news outlets picked up the story; the Air Force investigated the claims and eventually demoted Reeves to the rank of Technical Sergeant.

On December 12, 9News reporter Jeremy Jojola published an article with evidence that the Kirk Widlund on VK may be the real Kirk Widlund.

Jojola cited an April 14 post on the Kirk Widlund VK profile which read, "Honk honk, bitches. Twitter, the last ZOG [Zionist-Occupied Government] platform that I was allowed to be on, finally ax’d my account for calling out a Jewess who was pushing fake news. So, no more tweeting for me.”

Jojola then discovered a section of Tubbs's show on April 15 during which the real-life Widlund describes getting kicked off Twitter.

"Twitter finally axed my whole account," Widlund told Tubbs, adding that he was banned after "calling out a 'verified liberal' for pushing 'fake news,'" Jojola notes.

When Jojola asked Widlund about the parallel between the post on VK one day and what he said on air the next, Widlund declined to comment.

Widlund also declined Westword's interview request.

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