James Meadow, RIP

In a note to yours truly from a former Rocky Mountain News colleague of journalist James Meadow describes the latter's death over the weekend following a bicycling accident as "a big-time tragedy that puts the past ten days in perspective" -- and that's as succinct a way to put it as can be imagined.

Meadow's work prompted wildly different reactions. Here at Westword, I and others enjoyed needling him for what we saw as his often loopy attempts to wring poetry from every subject he tackled. Recall that his "Civic Center Blues" series prior to this past fall's Democratic National Convention featured articles about both pigeon crap and the human kind. But not everyone shared our snarkiness. Indeed, Meadow was a favorite among readers of the Rocky, and he was clearly adored by his friends and colleagues, as evidenced by the outpouring of affection for him on a Facebook page created by his loved ones, not to mention the article about his passing on IWantMyRocky.com.

Allow us to add our condolences, too. Although critics and fans didn't always see eye to eye about his writing, they can certainly agree that Meadow was truly one of a kind -- an oversized personality who made Denver newspapering livelier for many, many years.

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