Jane Norton's new ad gunning for Ken Buck

Jane Norton has taken the kid gloves off, and delivers a major smack to Ken Buck, the Weld County District Attorney who's challenging her for the Republican Senate nomination, in a new radio commercial that's airing on KHOW this morning.

There's even an ominous link to the Clinton administration. Whack!

For full details of the behavior that led to Buck leaving the U.S. Attorney's Office a decade ago, the ad sends you to the Denver Post, where you'll find this story detailing how Buck was rebuked for "bad-mouthing a felony case to defense lawyers representing Aurora gun dealers."

As the Post piece reveals, the case had major flaws -- and none of the senior attorneys on the staff wanted to prosecute it. Still, Buck was the one who talked to the other side, earning a rebuke and an ethics class assignment. And ultimately, he left the U.S. Attorney's Office, returning to public life a few years later for a run in Weld County.

But in this election season, when mavericks are looking mainstream and going rogue looks like a winning direction, Buck's move may wind up winning points -- particularly among Second Amendment-loving Republicans -- and coming back to slap Norton.

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