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Jeffrey Hall, CU footballer, tased by cops after allegedly choking out woman at party

Of late, CU football players have seldom been accused of being choke artists, but only because the team has been so bad against top-shelf competition that choking wasn't possible. Ass-kickings were more like it.

But Jeffrey Hall, our latest Schmuck of the Week, is allegedly the exception to this rule. He's believed to have choked a fellow party-goer to the point where she nearly blacked out -- and continued to go after her once the cops were called, prompting an officer to tase him. See photos, videos and details below.

Hall attended high school at St. Charles Catholic in La Place, Louisiana, and thanks to his versatility (he played cornerback, running back and wide receiver), he was highly recruited. Here's a video featuring on-field highlights....

...and a clip recorded after he committed to CU.

Hall's fast -- so much so that he sprinted for CU's track team, too. But he got more attention for his efforts on the gridiron. This past season, the Boulder Daily Camera notes that Hall played in all twelve games for the Buffs, with stints as a defensive back and a member of the special teams crew. But he's been suspended by the team, leaving his future playing time in question -- and a police report cited by the Camera offers plenty of reasons for concern.

Late last Friday, February 21, Boulder police officers were reportedly called to a residence on the 700 block of 18th Street after receiving complaints about a loud party. There, they found a bash attended by approximately 100 people. But more concerning was word of trouble between a man and Adrienne Lettow, said to be a former member of CU's track team (although her sports bio remains on the university website). This guy had supposedly "choked her out."

Lettow later told police that Hall, who she knew from the track team but not all that well, had grabbed her by the throat with his left hand and squeezed so hard that she went to her knees. Although she never lost consciousness, the report cites red marks on her neck.

While the cops were talking with Lettow, two men, ID'd as Hall and another CU baller, Chidobe Awuzie, came out of the house. A moment later, Hall allegedly charged toward Lettow, prompting Awuzie to try to hold him back.

At that point, two cops on scene pulled their Tasers and told the players to sit down -- orders that allegedly prompted Hall to complain about "(expletive) pigs" and accuse the police of targeting African-Americans.

In the midst of this display, Lettow is quoted as saying something along the lines of, "That's what you get," prompting Hall to lunge in her direction, then swing his arms and punch at several cops as they leaped into the fray.

Only after a cop tased Hall in the leg not once but twice were the law enforcers able to fit him with handcuffs.

On Wednesday, the Daily Camera covered Hall's first court appearance, at which he was formally charged with two second-degree assault beefs, plus counts pertaining to obstructing a peace office, resisting arrest and -- you knew this one was coming -- consumption of alcohol by a minor.

What happens next will go a long way toward determining if Hall managed to choke away his entire CU Buffs career.

Here's a larger look at Hall's booking photo, followed by a Daily Camera video.

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