John Hickenlooper's spiffing up as Scott McInnis is soiling himself

John Hickenlooper's campaign is pushing some new gear: bumperstickers, pint glasses and T-shirts. But what it really should be selling is a version of the invisible lucky asbestos underpants Hickenlooper must be wearing -- because even as his staffers gear up for the inevitable mud-slinging, all the dirt is sticking to Republican Scott McInnis. And he soiled himself.

"These days, negative attacks and distortions can come from anywhere, and we need to be ready to respond at a moment's notice," reads the Hickenlooper campaign advisory in a section of the website called the Mudroom. "When this happens to our campaign, we'll send up a 'mud signal'... or a 'mud alert'... or a... well we haven't worked out what we're going to call them yet."

That went up on Monday, July 12. The next day, even as Hickenlooper was delivering his State of the City speech -- which did not include any passages by Justice Gregory Hobbs -- the Denver Post was reporting the McInnis plagiarism story. And since then, the one-time leading Republican candidate has been stuck in the mud.

McInnis could use a pair of asbestos undies.

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