Jon Stewart in HD?: See complete list of Comcast's 70-plus new high-def channels

After watching HD television for a while, viewers tend to consider standard channels to be hopelessly fuzzy. It's like looking at the world through the bottom of a Coke bottle.

So local Comcast spokewoman Cindy Parsons has good news for every subscriber who wishes The Daily Show's Jon Stewart looked crisper and more lifelike: Comedy Central HD will join more than seventy other high-def channels in the lineup within weeks. Check out the complete list below.

Why is Comcast, whose TV services have been rebranded as Xfinity, making such a big addition of bandwidth-munching HD channels, as well as fifty new foreign-language channels, all at once?

"We've been going through what we call our 'World of More' transition, which is bringing our expanded-basic customers to an all-digital format," Parsons explains. "And as part of that process, when we reclaim analog signals, that frees up space so we can launch more HD channels."

In some areas, including Longmont and Broomfield, the new channels are already available. But for most of the metro area, they'll be coming online over the next few weeks. Parsons predicts that the migration will be complete for all Comcast customers along the Front Range this summer, with the entire state upgraded by year's end.

As for the cost, Parsons says that those folks who already subscribe to HD "will get those channels at no additional charge." In contrast, those who haven't made the leap to HD will incur extra costs for the HD box that comes along with the package -- but she argues that the few bucks more will be money well spent: "This brings us to well over a hundred HD channels and 4,000 choices of HD programming available to customers who subscribe counting everything that's on video on demand."

The next frontier? Parsons points to 3D: "In April, we hosted a Masters 3D viewing party at Cherry Hills Country Club to introduce 3D technology, and it was amazing how immersive it was. You feel like you're walking the course next to the players."

With ESPN planning to offer some World Cup coverage in 3D, and other networks talking about venturing into this territory next season, Parsons says Comcast is already looking at how to move into this arena, and will do so once there's enough programming available.

Great: Those of us already hooked on the video crack that is HD will now have the chance to become addicted to super-crack.

Look below to read Parsons' list of new HD channels for the metro area, as well as the Comcast release about the big move:

716 Discovery HD

721 HSN HD

723 MTV HD

724 USA HD

725 Altitude Sports HD

728 Nickelodeon HD

730 Animal Planet

731 Cartoon Network HD

736 History HD

737 Headline News HD

738 CNN HD

742 Fox News Channel

743 Lifetime HD

745 The Weather Channel HD


759 Spike TV HD

761 Bravo HD

762 QVC HD

764 AMC HD


766 VH1 HD

767 TCM HD

768 E! HD

770 Hallmark HD

771 truTV HD

772 Comedy HD

774 Travel Channel HD

776 Disney XD HD

777 Speed Channel HD

783 WE HD

784 BIO HD

785 Planet Green HD

786 G4 HD

787 Style HD

788 TV One HD

790 History International HD

791 Investigation Discovery HD

793 Fox Business Channel HD

795 BET HD

799 WGN HD

834 Fuse HD

835 CMT HD

836 GMC HD

841 ESPNews HD

842 NHL HD


845 Outdoor Channel HD

846 CBS Sports HD

847 iN DEMAND 1 HD

848 iN DEMAND 2 HD

849 iN DEMAND 3 HD

850 iN DEMAND 4 HD

855 IFC HD

856 Encore HD

857 Hallmark Movie Channel HD

858 Lifetime Movies HD

859 MGM HD

861 HBO 2 HD

862 HBO Comedy HD

863 HBO Signature HD

864 HBO Family HD

865 HBO Zone HD

866 HBO Latino HD

868 ActionMax HD

869 5StarMax HD

870 ThrillerMax HD


872 OuterMax HD

873 MoreMax HD

876 Starz Edge HD

877 Starz Kids & Family HD

878 Starz Comedy HD


"XFINITY TV" Launches Today in Colorado; Gives Customers Access to More Than 4,000 HD Options

Denver, CO (June 8, 2010) -- Today, Comcast announced the launch of more than 70 new high-definition (HD) networks for customers in areas of Metro Denver, Colorado Springs, Loveland and Longmont. The HD network additions come as Comcast launches its "XFINITY TV" service in Colorado.

XFINITY is the new brand for Comcast's technology platform and products, marking a new era of innovation, entertainment and service for the company's customers. The XFINITY network and products will offer 100+ HD channels, 50 foreign-language channels, 20,000 VOD choices, and even faster Internet speeds.

Comcast has added popular networks like Discovery HD, BET HD, Cartoon HD, Comedy Central HD, Lifetime HD, Altitude HD and MSNBC HD. With these additions, XFINITY TV offers more than 4,000 HD choices to local customers.

Many communities in Colorado, including Parker, Centennial, Lakewood, Golden, Broomfield, Erie, Colorado Springs, Loveland and Longmont, have already started to receive the new HD channels. Additional areas to launch in the next few weeks include Aurora, Arvada, Westminster, Littleton and Englewood.

"By adding new HD channels and giving our customers Comcast XFINITY TV, Internet and Voice, Comcast continues to invest in Colorado to bring the best in entertainment and communications services to our local customers," said Scott Binder, senior vice president of Comcast Colorado. "Our digital enhancements throughout the state will allow us to provide the top HD entertainment and the most innovative products and services."

Comcast High-Speed Internet and Comcast Digital Voice are also being transitioned to the company's XFINITY platform, giving customers faster speeds and more control over their services. The services will be rebranded as XFINITY Internet and XFINITY Voice.

XFINITY TV also enables Comcast to further expand its signature On Demand service, which already offers more than 18,000 entertainment programs each month. On Demand allows customers to watch programs at their convenience, with the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind

The launch of XFINITY TV comes as Comcast completes its "World of More" technology transition in Colorado. To help customers with the transition, the company has provided up to three pieces of digital equipment for impacted customers at no additional cost, enabling them to continue receiving existing channels along with new networks and the many other benefits of Comcast Digital TV. Customers can call 1-877-634-4434 or visit to get their free digital equipment and learn more about the upgrade.

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