Schmuck of the Week

Ken Buck: If you've got to hate him, hate him for something besides him saying "bulls**t"

Ken Buck has been receiving plenty of press beyond Colorado due simply to his rise from senatorial-candidate also-ran to presumptive frontrunner. But he really got the national media's attention when he joked about wearing cowboy boots "with Weld County bullshit, not D.C. bullshit." Suddenly, CNN, MSNBC and more were fascinated by the Colorado race. Which is understandable -- but also the kind of bullshit that makes our Shmuck of the Week committee squat down and take notice.

Yes, Buck spat out a stupid joke about high heels, which gave rival Jane Norton's campaign an opportunity to make him seem sexist in an ad that's probably airing at this very moment on some local TV station, not to mention in this very post. If you click, that is.

But the spot also seems to knock Buck for using crude language -- hence its repetition of "bullshit" (bleeped, of course) followed by the lines, "Now Ken Buck wants to go to Washington? He'd fit right in."

He'd also fit right in with members of the American public in general, not to mention the human race.

As we all know, people curse. They curse when they're angry. They curse when they're happy. They curse for a million reasons, and politicians are no different. So Buck's cursing -- and Tom Tancredo's (earlier today, he described Dick Wadhams's criticism of him as, yes, "bullshit" -- should no more disqualify him for public office than your next f-bomb should make you unfit to speak in public.

Anyone who pretends otherwise -- including reporters, whose language is pretty goddamn strong, as anyone in the profession knows very fucking well -- richly deserves to be named our Shmuck of the Week.

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