Kyle Dyer announces return to work Monday seven weeks after on-air dog bite

During a February 8 broadcast, 9News morning anchor Kyle Dyer was bitten on the face by an Argentine mastiff -- a shocking incident that became national news even as the station asked other media outlets (including this one) not to use video of the incident. Since then, Dyer has appeared in a 9News interview and visited the Today show. Now, more than seven weeks and seventy stitches later, she's returning to the outlet's morning show. This morning, Dyer posted the following on her Facebook page: "Woke up at 5am to get ready for an even earlier alarm on Monday. Yes, I'm headed back to work! Happy Weekend!"

At this writing, the short comment has received 424 likes.

The tone of the note is similar to ones Dyer has shared over recent weeks. Some other examples:

Hope everybody has a great Sunday!

Watching lots of tv post-hip replacement.. #frontieranimals commercials are the best! Make me smile every time! Have a happy day everybody!

Great day! Walking getting stronger :) and during my walk up the block noticed my Magnolia w/flowers. and even my other fave, Lily of the Valley.. in bloom. Visit from a friend & dinner w/my family. Happy Spring.

Right now, the station's website isn't ballyhooing Dyer's return, but no one should be surprised if promos touting her return begin airing frequently over the next few days. The outlet has maintained its number-one position in the ratings over not years but decades because of its canny ability to attract viewers' attention -- and Dyer's return to the airwaves after such a traumatic injury will make that job easy.

Here's Dyer's Today show appearance.

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