Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division accepting vendor applications -- on Friday only

The staffers at the state Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division have announced that they will be taking a limited number of new vendor applications this Friday, October 5. This follows a previous statement that they would be unable to accept any dispensary employee applications until mid-February at the earliest.

The special vendor-only registration is scheduled to take place Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. According to the MMED website, a limited number of vendors who provide "services to industry members and whose employees commonly work within restricted areas of the MM business or take custody of Medical Marijuana products for transportation" must register with the department.

This includes people such as trim-machine operators and employees of third-party bulk-cannabis delivery companies. In order to be registered, at least one person with the company needs to hold a "key occupational license" from the MMED, and all employees need occupational licenses.

All of this comes just a few weeks after the aforementioned delay announcement, which has frustrated many potential employees and their employers.

The division also released a list of currently approved vendors. The list -- which is formatted almost identically to the leaked MMED list of licensed dispensaries -- names 49 different entities registered to do work with medical marijuana businesses in Colorado. Interestingly, the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division is included as an approved vendor.

Otherwise, the list is mostly populated by security companies, grow supply stores and trim-machine rental places.

Vendors interested in applying this Friday should call 303-205-3330 to set up an appointment.

Here are the registered vendors listed by the MMED.

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