Mel Tucker Brutally F-Bombed on Twitter After Jump From CU to MSU

One of CU Boulder's official portraits of now-departed football coach Mel Tucker.
One of CU Boulder's official portraits of now-departed football coach Mel Tucker.
When Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson put football coach Mel Tucker on blast for his decision to bail on his gig at the University of Colorado Boulder in favor of Michigan State University, he ended one of his tweets by confessing, "I want to beat him up today on social media. What else can I do?"

Plenty of others have piled on Tucker — and their language hasn't been nearly as polite as Pearson's. As Tucker's jump became one of the biggest sports stories in the country, CU Buffs loyalists and fans of college sports in general have unleashed enough F-bombs to make the entire hip-hop industry jealous. (See a sampling below.)

Nationally, at least, most members of the sports-pundit class say that they understand why Tucker split. After all, his salary was doubled, and his coaching staffers were promised comparable raises, too. Problem is, Tucker had tweeted that he'd rejected MSU's entreaties and remained committed to Colorado football mere days before proving otherwise. His sudden departure incensed the likes of Pearson, whose grandson, Toren Pittman, signed up to attend CU in large part because of Tucker's assurances that he planned to stick around for the long haul.

Another talking point: Players face severe restrictions if they want to dump one gridiron program in favor of another, but coaches like Tucker are free to do as they wish, and damn the consequences.

Our picks for the twenty most memorable reactions to Tucker's brusque goodbye include plenty of the aforementioned obscenity, but we added some others for variety's sake — and ended our list with what is apparently the worst insult anyone from Boulder can imagine.

Number 20:
Number 19:

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Number 17:

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Number 13:
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Number 1:
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