Michael Hancock comes out against the paid sick leave ballot initiative

On his thirtieth day in office, Mayor Michael Hancock really got down to business yesterday, outlining a better, faster, stronger city government in a speech at the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce's State of the City Luncheon that included his opposition to Initiative 300, the paid sick leave proposal on this November's ballot.

"It was important for me to leave the chamber members and Denver's business community with a clear message that our work to build a 21st century administration is well on its way," Hancock said. "After listening to Denver citizens, businesses and hundreds of leaders, we know we have to build a better, faster, and stronger city government if we are to meet the challenges and opportunities of this great city."

And business owners worry that Initiative 300 could only add more challenges. "I am going to stand with you to oppose the paid sick leave ballot measure," Hancock told the hundreds of business people at the luncheon. "I understand and appreciate what the proponents are trying to do to help employees, but this measure at this time is the wrong approach."

And very, very complicated: laudatory in principle, but full of potential pitfalls. Here's the language for Initiative 300, the Denver Paid Sick and Safe Time proposal.

Expect Mayor Hancock to talk about this more at 10 a.m. today, when he makes his monthly appearance on Mike Rosen's show on KOA, 850 AM.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.