Peeps trial delay -- and the return of Stephen Colbert?

Yesterday, we let you know that an upcoming trial in which Boulder's Carol "Chay" Burdick would face off against the landlord who told her to remove a marshmallow Peeps Easter display or face eviction had been delayed until June 22.

Why? The attorney representing Burdick's landlord filed a trial brief on March 25, essentially asking for a dismissal of claims. That led to an afternoon conference with the judge on the eve of the proceeding, during which John Pineau, Burdick's lawyer, filed a trial brief countering the dismissal call. The judge responded by setting a briefing schedule, with the landlord's legal reps asked to deliver a motion to address whether or not the court has the authority to dismiss the case. That should take place over the next couple of weeks, after which Pineau will have twenty days to respond with a filing of his own.

Pineau offered no comment about this development or the case as a whole -- and he says he'll tell the same thing to Stephen Colbert, who's scheduled to phone at noon today as a followup to a piece The Colbert Report ran about Burdick last September. Knowing Colbert, it'll wind up being hilarious anyhow. Look below to see the original clip:

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