Photos: Condoms and Boulder B-cycle get it on together

What do condoms and bicycles have in common, beyond the fact that cyclists have been known to have sex every now and then -- usually after parking?

According to the folks at Boulder B-cycle, they're all about safety -- and so is Boulder's homegrown love-glove specialist, Sir Richard's Condom Company. Which explains why Boulder B-cycles will be festooned with Sir Richard's messaging for the next year.

Get details and see images of the unusual campaign below.

As we've reported, Sir Richard's is the TOMS Shoes of penis wraps: For each condom purchased, the firm gives away one in a developing country. Example: On Valentine's Day, Sir Richard's donated one-million condoms to Haiti, complete with special packaging that includes the following pictograph showing how to use them:

How did Sir Richard's and Boulder B-cycle hook up? According to Kevin Bell, Boulder B-cycle's marketing and communication manager, "Our executive director, James Waddell, reached out to them. We like to work with local companies as much as possible, and we loved the opportunity to partner with them.

"You might not think we exist in the same universe," he adds, "but we both care about safety. So it seemed like a smart way to team up, and maybe get people to pay attention when they otherwise might not."

Working together, the groups developed multiple messages to appear on the Boulder B-cycle fleet. Here's one example as it looks on a bike:

There are other amusing variations as well, including this one.... ...and this one.... ...and this one.... ...and this one: At this point, the B-cycle staff is still in the process of making the rides Sir Richard's-friendly. "It'll take at least another week or two to get them all on," Bell notes. "But they'll be on all 150 bikes. And we're expanding the system next year by another 100 bikes, and the decals will be on all of them, as well."

Thus far, Bell says the reaction to the campaign, slated to run for the next year, has been positive in part because of where it's taking place. "One of the nice things about Boulder is it has a kind of strange and funny spirit about it," he says. "That's why I think people are appreciative of unique partnerships like this."

In the meantime, safety first.

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More from our News archive circa February: "One million condoms: A gift of Valentine's Day love from Sir Richard's to Haiti."

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