Play the ACLU vanity-licence-plate game

Who says folks at the American Civil Liberties Union's Colorado office don't have a sense of humor? They've just launched a page that asks the burning question, "Are you qualified to censor vanity license plates for the State of Colorado?" Included is a game that satirizes the decision by employees at the state's Motor Vehicle Division to deny tofu-lover Kelly Coffman-Lee the right to slap her car with the letters "ILVTOFU." Surfers are given the opportunity to guess whether twelve different vanity plates were approved or denied (they change each game), and along the way, they're informed about the actual decisions. For instance, "TROJANS" and "NOTFREE" are said to have received a downturned thumb, while "BIGBUTT" and "NOCRAP" were deemed perfectly acceptable.

Out of the dozen plates I perused, I answered correctly on just seven of them -- and the game chastised me for my mediocre performance. "You're thinking dirty," conceded an on-screen slogan, "but you're not quite there."

If at first you don't succeed....

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