Raul Gutierrez-Hernandez, "gutless" Tae Kwon Do teacher, skips out before child-sex verdict

When he was a Tae Kwon Do instructor, Raul Gutierrez-Hernandez was known as "Master Raul," and he was clearly skilled at martial arts, winning honors in the United States and Mexico.

Now, however, a local district attorney has branded Gutierrez-Hernandez "gutless" -- because rather than waiting to hear a jury's verdict regarding child-sex-assault accusations against him, he split. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and there's a warrant for his arrest. Photos, video and details below.

A mini-bio of Gutierrez-Hernandez still lingering online features the photo at left and the following description of his Tae Kwon Do accomplishments:
4th Degree Black Belt.

4 Time Mexican National Champion.

4 time Junior Mexican National Team Member.

2008-2009 Colorado State Team Coach.

2009 AAU Colorado State Team Coach.

Chairman Of the TNT Tournament Events.

He eventually landed at Tae Kwon Do Tegura, which operated at two locations in Aurora according to a 2011 CBS4 report. Here's a look at one of them, on North Salida:

The piece also features numerous shots of Gutierrez-Hernandez with students whose identities are masked for their own protection. This is one example: Such chummy scenes no doubt took on a very different meaning after Gutierrez-Hernandez was arrested circa July 2011.

Around that time, a teenage girl came forward to say Master Raul had been sexually assaulting her, and Aurora police investigators quickly came to the conclusion she wasn't alone. Evidence suggested that Gutierrez-Hernandez had sexually assaulted at least three of his underage students.

Following the bust, Gutierrez-Hernandez reportedly paid a $50,000 bond, after which he's said to have left town with his wife and three children. But he was eventually rounded up and put on trial for alleged sexual assault on three female students between the ages of twelve and sixteen.

Things in court didn't go his way. According to the office of 18th Judicial District DA George Brauchler, a jury eventually convicted him on twelve counts, including sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust and child-sex assault with a pattern of abuse.

But when it came time to hear jurors read their guilty verdicts, Gutierrez-Hernandez was no longer around. He'd apparently taken off while they were deliberating.

The judge in the case immediately issued a warrant without bond for Gutierrez-Hernandez, and Brauchler is making his contempt for the fugitive clear.

"After sexually assaulting these girls in their formative years, and then forcing them to re-live their victimization in front of a jury, Gutierrez runs away from the jury's verdict?" Brauchler asked in a statement. "His black belt in cowardice will look good with his prison overalls. Gutless."

Here's a larger look at Gutierrez-Hernandez's mug shot, followed by the aforementioned CBS4 report.

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