Reader: Banning guns won't turn society into a holly-jolly world with no danger

Our post yesterday about the arrest of Dione Warren after her toddler son shot himself got people talking in part because Warren is a proud gun owner and Second Amendment advocate. Many readers felt the tragedy resulted from neglect, not the presence of an accessible handgun, including this one.

Robert Brehm writes:

If you think banning guns would turn society into this holly jolly world where there is no danger, you are insane. People will still find a way to get ahold of weapons and the stupid ones will still leave it in a place where their children will find it. How does a toddler get his hands on a gun? By climbing to the top of the cabinet, figuring out the gun box combo, then loading, undoing the safety and then firing the gun at themselves. No. This moron left their gun out loaded. Just because this woman is stupid does not mean responsible gun owners should lose their constitutional rights.

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