Reader: Beware the golden egg of Denver's goose harrassers

Geese seem to have become as common in Denver's winter months as Suburus with ski racks, a situation that Westword's Kelsey Whipple decided to look into. What she found is that there is a population of Canada geese here who have never even been to their namesake country. They don't migrate and are instead born and raised in the Denver area's well-sheltered parks and golf courses, where they spend their lives.

To keep them at bay, some people hire companies like T.A.R.P. Border Collies to move the geese along. But reader Patty Adjamine takes issue with that practice.

"I understand that it is important to demonize the geese as much as possible to drum up business, but truly, statements and insinuations that the geese are attacking little children or flying into people's faces is so blatently absurd and false, that it greatly detracts fron the credibility of goose "harassers" like Ms. Hardey," she writes. "Canada geese are among the peaceful and gentle creatures on the planet and they are extremely social, gregarious and trusting towards people and children. Not to discount the value of trained Border Collies to chase geese in areas where the birds may be "loafing" too long, the tendency of goose harassment companies to lie, exaggerate and vilify the source of their income is deeply disturbing. What else are they lying about, one has to wonder?"

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