Reader: Boulder rules, Westword drools

In December, the University of Colorado launched a new $100,000 branding campaign, entitled "Be Boulder," in hopes of turning people's attention away from Boulder's rep as a party school and towards the noble laureates and astronauts and filmmakers the institution has produced. But facts are facts, and even if the kids are acing their astrophysics midterms, they still like to let loose on the weekends. So we came up with a tongue-in-cheek list of ten way to really "Be Boulder. But reader Simpsonthatcher took issue with the list, and left the following comment:

Good for CU to focus on what's good! Astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, academic achievement, gorgeous campus, skiing, and more - these are things to shout about. Yes, there are partying college kids. So what? Be Boulder is what a lot of people want, including college kids, startups, and lots of people who move here from all over the world to have a tremendous quality of life. Haters gonna hate.

Shame on Westword for devolving into a platform for garbage like this in an effort to sell some more impressions to banner advertisers. Be Westword, Be Pathetic.

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