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Reader: Broncos' defeat to the Raiders proves they're years away from contending

Our post about the Broncos' crushing defeat to the Raiders on Monday night outlined many of the team's faults -- but hardly all of them.

One of our readers picked up the slack and mused about what the performance means for the squad's future.

Eric writes:

We knew going in there's very little talent on this team. That to win the opener, against a team simply better, everything had to fall perfectly into place, plus something good we didn't expect had to happen.

The unexpected happened...........Decker had a punt return that shattered any remaining illusion that this guy isn't head turning fast.

Everything else was just like sought its' own level.

A Raiders team that has better offensive and defensive linemen than Denver's team came in here and absolutely throttled the Broncos.

The best player on the field last night was McClain, but really no Raider defensive player had a bad night. Oakland's got better players and the result will be just like last night untill that changes

When every draft choice but one makes the team, when 3 rookies start, when every defensive tackle is a guy that used to be somebody else's problem, this is simply not a good team.

When defensive backs have the green light to manhandle the other team's receivers and eat the PI that results, it means that the defensive coaches don't believe the other team can line up and beat them........even with the field position and 1st downs that result from the penalty.

The Broncos were physically manhandled by a team that committed 15 penalties in a game that was never close.

The dearth of talent on this roster is stark.

As an Orton fan, I say he was awfull. No excuses.

So was everybody else for the most part. Von Miller was really fun to watch. Fells is a huge surprise. And the team will improve as they draft out into these upcoming years. But now is now.

Fair enough.

People dropping 78 bucks a game want results now.

Whether it's Orton or Brady Quinn or Tebow isn't the question. The specter of the guy being chased by bees won't be any more successfull than the image of a guy that isn't mobile enough to succeed behind an absolutely incompetent offensive line or the guy that's only played 15 games as a pro.

We're years away, but we were years away in 1968.

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