Reader: Is Busting Johns a Waste of Time -- or a Way to Reduce Human Trafficking?

Reader: Is Busting Johns a Waste of Time -- or a Way to Reduce Human Trafficking?

In response to our recent post about National Day of Johns Arrests, during which law-enforcement agencies across the country, including the Denver Police Department, targeted clients of prostitutes, a sizable number of readers weighed in on whether such actions represent a smart use of law-enforcement resources. One below argues that it isn't -- but a second commenter feels very differently.

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Topher Brock writes:

It's not illegal to have sex and it's not illegal to sell something -- why is it illegal to sell sex? I grew up in a country where prostitution is legal. The women are taxed and given health care and see the Dr. at least once a month. And they're not beaten or doing drugs like the ones in America. And Rape was nonexistent, too.

Stephanie Ann Hast-Clow writes:

Arrest the johns...it's human trafficking. Wrong on so many levels.

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