Reader: Joe Biden hates marijuana as much as he hates guns

Our post about free-joint-rally co-organizer Rob Corry asking Vice President Joe Biden to help give away weed prompted numerous posts about the veep's past as an energetic anti-drug warrior. Here's an example from a reader who also appears to have a beef with Biden's support of gun-control legislation.

BozoTheBiden writes:

Biden hates marijuana and wants to see it remain illegal. He is also Obama's lap dog and would love to see the general public completely disarmed....Instead of asking this clown to hand out joints, someone should ask the Vice President if he feels guilty about all these 'children' getting gunned down in the streets due to the continuation of Obama's drug war.... Sounds like he is on the wrong side of BOTH of these issues since the Drug War is responsible for most of the gun violence in this nation....

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