Readers Debate: Do Denver Drivers Wait Too Long After a Light Turns Green?
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Readers Debate: Do Denver Drivers Wait Too Long After a Light Turns Green?

In a recent Comment of the Day post, a reader argued that only experts should drive in Denver during the daytime.

This take got another conversation started.

Among the tangents that developed was a debate over whether Denver drivers take to long to press the accelerator after a light turns green.

Here's some of the back-and-forth on that subject.

Rafael Robles writes:

Hardly any expert drivers in Denver. Slow to take off when the traffic light goes green. Driving 5-10 miles below speed limit, on clear days, for the heck of it. Left lane campers galore and complete inability to merge. Good thing this city/metro area is not that crowded or large!

Javi Del Rosario writes:

Waiting 2 seconds after a light goes green is a way to prevent an accident, buddy. There are plenty of assholes out there running red lights all the the time... Just sayin'...

Brett Starr writes:

Rafael nailed it and the rest of you are the ones holding up the progress of civilization. Sorry you have to live in fear and/or have nowhere special to be at a certain time but please stop rudely holding up life for the rest of us, kthks.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.

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