Readers: Peter Boyles will be missed versus Peter Boyles sucks

Our post about Peter Boyles's dismissal from KHOW after an incident involving his longtime producer, Greg Hollenback, brought out plenty of fans who are lamenting the move by Clear Channel, KHOW's corporate owner. In contrast, those who dislike Boyles aren't shedding any tears. Here's a commentary point-counterpoint.

ohms30 writes:

KHOW will realize the errors of their ways.

I've listened to Peter for about 40 or more years. I like that he is a very learned man and extremely informed about most topics on his radio show. If he doesn't know about a certain topic, he would be the first to tell you that he is uninformed.

GOODBYE KHOW.....Pete, I hope you catch on with another station and SMOKE the H*LL out of KHOW!

John Martinez writes:

Go away Peter Boyles, go far, far away. And take Limbaugh with you.

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